class schedule
Each class is 2 hours long. The student needs to complete all 15 classes, a total of 30 hours of classroom instructions. The classes may be completed in any order.
Class 1: Introduction to Driver's Education Licensing and Vehicle ownership
Class 2: Understanding the vehicle and its controls
Class 3: Basic Driving Skills. Vehicle Maintenance
Class 4: Signs, Signals and Road Markings
Class 5: Rules of the Road
Class 6: Sharing the Road
Class 7: Making Safe Driving Decisions.
Class 8: How Natural Laws affect Driving
Class 9: Different Driving Environments
Class 10: Driving in All Weather Conditions
Class 11: Mental and Physical Effects on Driving
Class 12: The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs & Driving, Part I
Class 13: The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs & Driving, Part II
Class 14: The Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making
Class 15: Handling Emergencies and Breakdowns, Final Review